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Duran Duran Unseen
Duran duran unseen 2
photos by Paul Edmond
Released 2005 / 2008
Recorded 1979-82
Genre Pop Punk Photos
Length 144-pages
Label Reynolds and Hearn Ltd
Author(s) Kasper de Graaf
Malcolm Garrett
Duran duran unseen duran
unseen photos

Duran Duran Unseen is 144-page book by Kasper de Graaf and Malcolm Garrett, first published on 5 November 2005 by Reynolds and Hearn Ltd. A re-edited edition was later published in 2008.

About the book[]

The book features a rare and extensive collection of photographs by Paul Edmond of Duran Duran, that were taken between 1979 and 1982. The collection starts before the release of Duran Duran's first single "Planet Earth" in March 1981 and continues with shots during the bands earliest taste of fame. The photographs capture the essence of the post-punk glamour scene in the industrial city of Birmingham (UK), including the rise of one of its most successful resident band Duran Duran.

In 1980 Paul Edmond was a young, up and coming photographer who was friendly with members of Duran Duran as well as leading participants in the Birmingham music and style explosion, all of whom feature in this book. This includes Jane Kahn and Patti Bell whose Kahn & Bell fashion label typified the post punk glamour. They were both part of the Rum Runner nightclub scene as well as being friends with members of Duran Duran, and greatly influenced the fashion of the band. A photo of Patti Bell features in this book with the same picture used as the cover of the 2006 album Only After Dark, which was compiled by Nick Rhodes and John Taylor, recreating a night at the Rum Runner.

Also included are pictures of Jane Farrimond and Martin Degville who created the fashion label Ya Ya who later made their mark with the band Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Duran Duran's first managers Paul and Michael Berrow and owners of the Rum Runner also feature.

The photographer Paul Edmond was described by Nick Rhodes as "Better than anyone else from that period, capturing those very early moments, the inception of the band, whilst we were stumbling around trying to find what our identity was going to be". The author Kasper de Graaf commented that the appeal of Edmond's pictures is not just most of them are hitherto "Unseen", but that they capture Duran Duran as part of the scene from which they emerged: not just "Unseen", but "Unvarnishes" "Uncensored and yet "Unstyled".

Book codes[]

  • ISBN-10: 1903111919
  • ISBN-13: 978 1903111918
  • ISBN: 978 1905287659
  • ISBN: 1905287658