Duran Duran Tribute - Wild Boys
Background information
Origin Milan, Italy Italy-Flag 0
Occupation Tribute band
Genre Pop, Rock,


Years active 2001-present
Associated acts Duran Duran
tribute band

Duran DuranTribute Band - Wild Boys is an Italian group of professional musicians founded in Milan, Italy in 2001.

About the bandEdit

They started as as a group of Duran Duran's Fanatics and continued their activities in the suburbs of Milan following the every single step of the famous band Duran Duran. Their name derives from one of the most know songs "Wild Boys".

The tribute band is full of fantasmagoric energy when plays, maniacally note by note, the unforgettable duran duran's songs!

They are well known in the North area of Italy as the lead tribute band and for the knowledge of ALL the DURAN DURAN's songs! A group of professional musicians that are training regularly to have the best from their instruments.

They also own most of the insutrments owned previously by the original band of the Duran Duran.

Peavey Cirrus 5 corde, Peavey JT-84, Fender Precision Bass 1962 reissue, Warwick Thumb 5, just to cite a few of them.


Line Up of the Duran Duran Tribute Band:

  • Alfredo Malezia - Chitarra e Voce
  • Giovanni Renziani - Chitarra
  • Federico Moccia - Basso
  • Francesco Mercurio - Tastierista