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Into The Arena
Into the arena 1
game board
Released 1985
Label MB
Producer MB
Listing 4524L1
Players 2/4
Into the arena 1985
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Duran Duran

Duran Duran Game - Into The Arena is a board game with a Duran Duran theme, released by Milton Bradley in 1985.

About the game[]

The game was produced in 1985 after the release of Duran Duran's live Arena album, but to coincide with the launch of their concert video Arena (An Absurd Notion).

The box included a band biography and features an image of Duran Duran taken from "The Wild Boys" video. There were no manufacturing numbers recorded, but the game was widely available between 1985/86.

How to play[]

The game is played with 2 to 4 players, beginning with a player starting on their journey on the outer ring of the game board.

Players try to collect five matching pairs of Disc Cards, which are Duran Duran's most popular singles. For each pair of Disc Cards collected players receive the matching Video Card to the single, which adds to the final points score. After collecting matching Disc Cards the player moves into the inner circle where they try to collect and play the Band Member Cards for each of the Duran Duran members, Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor. The Band Member Cards have different score values, so the player should collect the highest.

The game ends when someone has played at least five videos and all five Band Member Cards, plus there are additional points for the player who finishes first and minus points for getting stuck with the Duran Duran Wild Card. Highest score wins.

Game components[]

Listings MB 4524L1[]

  • Instructions
  • Into The Arena game board
  • 48 Disc Cards
  • 24 Video Cards
  • 25 Band Member Cards
  • 1 Duran Duran Wild Card
  • 4 plastic playing pieces and die
  • 1 insert card with Duran Duran biography