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Glam Pop Party
Duran Duran 1981-2006 Glam Pop Party
Duran Duran book
Published October 2006
Recorded 1981-06
Genre Biographical
Length 304-pages
Label Editori Riuniti / Momenti Rock
Authors Marcello Santone
Christian D'Antonio
Duran Duran

Duran Duran 1981-2006: Glam Pop Party is a 304-page Italian book, published by Editori Riuniti / Momenti Rock in October 2006.

About the book[]

The book follows chronologically all of the band members careers, from the foundation of Duran Duran in 1978 to 2006. The 14 chapters analyse the musical and social innovation of the band, revealing unknown trivia about the writing process, the career moves and the interaction of the members with the culture of the times. There are exclusive interviews with producers (Nile Rodgers, Daniel Abraham), directors (Peter Kagan, Paula Greif), and designers (Frank Olinsky, Malcolm Garrett) which leads the reader through a creativity universe that does not only documents the career of Duran Duran, but chronocycles popular music and the history of the tendencies since the 1980s.

Cover photos by Salvo Zuppardo (2005) and Allan Ballard (1980).


Marcello Santone[]

Born in Napoli in 1974, Marcello lives and works in Rome. His background includes Theatre and Communication studies. Musical and poetry author, he collects and studies a wide range of pop acts from the 80s. He has also played in several coverbands (Beatles, Wham! and Duran Duran), and works independently as an interior designer account.

Christian D'Antonio[]

Born in Salerno in 1974, Christian lives and works in Milano. He is a professional journalist for such magazines and websites as All Music, Metro, The Beat, Rockol, Freequency, DelRock. Christian first started out as a writer for the longest running Duran Duran fanzine, the Italian RioCarnival. He was recently interviewed by MTV Italia and All Music TV about the history of the band.

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