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1981 The Faster Than Light Tour


1981 The Careless Memories Tour

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1982 The Rio Tour (Australia)


1982 The Rio Tour (Japan)


1982 The Rio Tour

Aston villa 1 villa park duran duran.jpg

MENCAP Concert, Aston Villa football ground, Birmingham (UK) - 23 July 1983


1983 The Sing Blue Silver Tour

[Note - there are 4 versions:

1. Australia - no sponsor on first paper page; does not have the double horizontal line top & bottom on the cover; has a matt cover (the other 3 are glossy).

2. UK - Sony Tape sponsoring; came with a Sony Tape/Duran poster insert.

(the larger version of the Sony Tape/Duran poster, with the competition, was given away free at the shows - along with a blank Sony cassette)

3. Japan - in Japanese, with UDO sponsoring; does not have the double horizontal line top & bottom on the cover.

4. N.America - Coca Cola sponsoring; came with a Coca Cola/Duran poster insert.]


1987 The Strange Behaviour Tour

[Note - there are 2 versions: English & Japanese.

Depending on the venue, in both the UK & mainland Europe these could come with a Fan Club flyer/poster inside every copy or with them loose to pick up separately.]


1988 The Secret Caravan Club Tour


1988/1989 The Big Live Thing Tour

[Note - there are 2 versions: English & Japanese.]


1988 The Big Live Thing Tour (France)

Duran duran big live thing Italian tour programme.jpg
1988 The Big Live Thing Tour (Italy)

1993 An Acoustic Evening With Duran Duran

[Note - it is disputed that is any different from the standard UK version below, as at least some copies sold did have the gold foil wraparound 'dust cover', so suggests that this entry may simply reference a copy where it was lost/damaged over the years.]

Dilute your mind edited.jpg

1993 The Dilate Your Mind Tour

[Note - there are at least 3 versions: one US version credits Stefanos Lazaridis (the set designer for the US leg) on the first page & one US version on the last page - whilst the UK version does not credit him at all. All 3 versions originally came with a gold foil wraparound 'dust cover'.

For the Japanese dates, the English version crediting Stefanos Lazaridis on the last page was sold.]


1997 The Ultra Chrome, Latex and Steel Tour


1999 The Let It Flow Tour

Pop trash tour.jpg

2000 The Pop Trash Tour

[Note - there are 2 versions: Purple & Pink, with the pink version only sold on some US dates.

For the Japanese dates, the English version of the purple programme was sold.]

Duran 04 tour.jpg

2003 The Reunion Tour

[Note - there are 2 main versions: English & Japanese, however both could be bought inside either a Red or White logo metallic sleeve - though, whilst in the UK there were certainly loads of both, in the US & Japan they seem to have been *almost* exclusively the Red version.

The Japanese programmes also originally contained a small music.com card, advertising the upcoming CD/box set from the dates...

...however it appears that with at least two of the shows there 'may' have been extra inserts; with -

- July - Official Fan Questionnaire (dated 2003.7) - stapled to a small set of flyers (Greatest Box re-release + a few non-Duran ones) / 3x large sticker photos (one contemporary, a legacy one of Nick & one Notorious era) with the current logo / & a Shinko Music Book "Archive Series" flyer.

[NB I suspect this was from either Osaka or Toyko as one of the non-Duran flyers was for Summer Sonic.]

- & 10th July - an alt official Fan Questionnaire (dated 2003.7.10), / the Shinko Music Book "Archive Series" flyer / & a tour flyer.

...but these are both probably closer to the SB Tour FC flyer/poster.]


2005 The Astronaut Tour

[Note - perhaps interestingly, in Japan the 5 small cards were also available separately with a white band around them.]

2007 Duran Duran on Broadway
Rcm tourbook a.JPG

2007 The Red Carpet Massacre Tour

Big night 9 boston concert wikipedia duran duran discography.jpg

Big Night 9, Convention and Expo Center, Boston, MA (USA) - 26 January 2008

All you need IS NOW DURAN DURAN.jpg

2011 The All You Need Is Now Tour

Tour book 2015 2016 duran duran wikipedia.png

2015 The Paper Gods Tour

Band related[]

Programme Tour
Hazel o'connor and the megahype tour programme duran duran 1980.png

Hazel O'Connor: The Megahype Tour with Duran Duran (1980)

[Note - the programme itself contains no Duran content, however at some, but not all, shows then a couple of additional loose pages were added.]


Blondie: The Tracks Across America Tour with Duran Duran (1982)

[Note - contains no Duran content]

Duran duran blondie tour programme 14 august 1982.png

Blondie: Byrne Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ (USA) - 14 August 1982 - The Tracks Across America Tour with Duran Duran

Duran duran blondie tour programme 1.png

Blondie: Byrne Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ (USA) - 14 August 1982 - The Tracks Across America Tour with Duran Duran

Prince's trust rock gala programme 1983 dominion theatre duran duran dire straits wikipedia.jpg

Prince's Trust Rock Gala, Dominion Theatre, London, UK - 20 July 1983 (with Duran Duran and Dire Straits)

Programme duran duran 1984 mtv.jpg

1st Annual MTV Video Music Awards, Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY (USA) - 14 September 1984 (with Duran Duran)


The Power Station: The Summer Tour


Live Aid, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) - 13 July 1985 (with Duran Duran)

Withbread Round the World Yatch Race 85-86 official Souvenir programme Le Bon paper gods wikipedia Duran Duran.jpg

Whitbread Round the World Race 1985-86 featuring an article about Simon Le Bon and Drum

Andy taylor jul 8 87.jpg

Andy Taylor: 1987 Tour


David Bowie: The Glass Spider Tour with Duran Duran (1987)

[Note - contains no Duran content]

Althorp Park diana tribute concert programme wikipedia duran duran.jpg

Diana Tribute Concert, Althop House, Northampton (UK) - 27 June 1998

[Note - contains no Duran content as they were a late addition.]

Programme duran duran 2005.jpg

Fashion Rocks, Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY (USA) - 8 September 2005 (with Duran Duran)


Bang Music Festival, Bicentennial Park, Miami FL (USA) - 11 November 2006 - The Astronaut Tour

Concert for diana wikipedia princess 2007 programme wembley duran duran collection.jpg

Concert for Diana, Wembley Stadium, London (UK) - 1 July 2007

Live earth london wikipedia programme wembley duran duran concert.jpg

Live Earth London, Wembley Stadium, London (UK) - 7 July 2007

The hotpress guide to cork 2007 live at the marquee duran duran the who.png

Live at the Marquee, The Docklands, Cork (Ireland) - 29 June 2007

Jingle ball 94.1 radio wikipedia lenny kravitz duran duran.jpg

2007 Jingle Ball, San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA (USA) - 9 December 2007

Bestival wikipedia duran duran programme.jpg

Bestival, Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight (UK) - 11 September 2015

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