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This is intended to be a complete list of all Duran Duran songs ever recorded, including demos, covers, and alternate titles. Please fill in additional songs, sources, and release dates!

Title Album/Source Release Date
Alguien Más Que No Soy Yo Pop Trash bonus track 2000-06-19
All Along The Water (Demo: Water Babies) Liberty 1990-08-13
All She Wants Is (Demo: Sex) Big Thing 1988-10-18
All You Need Is Now All You Need Is Now 2010
American Science Notorious 1986-11-18
Anyone Out There Duran Duran 1981
Anything for You Notorious demo 1986
As Seen From a Distance Paper Gods 2015
Astronaut Astronaut 2004-10-11
Ball and Chain Medazzaland bonus track 1997
Ball of Confusion Thank You 1995-04-04
Be My Icon (Demo: Butt Naked) Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Beautiful Colours Astronaut demo 2005
Bedroom Toys Astronaut 2004-10-11
Before the Rain All You Need Is Now 2010
Being Followed All You Need Is Now 2010
Berlin Notorious demo 1986
Big Bang Generation (Demo: Swimming With Sharks) Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Big Thing Big Thing 1988-10-18
Blame the Machines All You Need Is Now 2010
Bomb Big Thing demo 1986
Bottleneck Liberty demo 1990
Box Full O' Honey Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Boys Keep Swinging We Were So Turned On 2010
Breath After Breath The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Buried in the Sand Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Burning the Ground Greatest 1989-12
Butterfly Girl Paper Gods 2015
Can You Deal With It? Liberty 1990-08-13
Capitol Chill Notorious demo 1986
Careless Memories Duran Duran 1981
Chains Astronaut 2004-10-11
Change the Skyline Paper Gods 2015
The Chauffeur Rio 1982-05-10
Cinderella Ride Paper Gods 2015
Come Undone The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) The Reflex b-side 1984-04
Cry Baby Cry Red Carpet Massacre bonus track 2007-11-13
Crystal Ship Thank You 1995-04-04
Danceophobia Paper Gods 2015
Decadance Burning the Ground b-side 1989-12
Diamond Dogs Thank You bonus track 1995-04-04
A Diamond in the Mind All You Need Is Now 2011
Dirty Great Monster Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Do You Believe in Shame? (Demo: Do You Believe In Faith) Big Thing 1988-10-18
Do You Wanna Turn Me On? The Wedding Album demo
Downtown Liberty 1990-08-13
Dream Nation Liberty demo
Drive By Thank You 1995-04-04
Drowning Man The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Drug (It's Just a State of Mind) Big Thing 1988-10-18
Early Summer Nerves All You Need Is Now related release 2011
The Edge of America Big Thing 1988-10-18
Electric Barbarella Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Face for Today Paper Gods 2015
Faith In This Colour Is There Something I Should Know? b-side 1983-03-19
Falling Angel (Demo: Happy Birthday) The Wedding Album bonus track 1993-02-13
Falling Down Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Fame Planet Earth b-side 1981-02-02
Faster Than Light Girls on Film b-side 1981-07-13
Femme Fatale The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Finest Hour Astronaut 2004-10-11
Firefly Liberty demo
First Impression (Demo: I Won't Turn My Back For You) Liberty 1990-08-13
Flute Interlude Big Thing 1988-10-18
Fragment Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Friends of Mine Duran Duran 1981
Girl Panic! All You Need Is Now 2011
Girls on Film Duran Duran 1981
God (London) Do You Believe in Shame? b-side 1989-04-10
Hallucinating Elvis Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Hold Back the Rain Rio 1982-05-10
Hold Me (Demo: Rope) Notorious 1986-11-18
Hothead Liberty 1990-08-13
Hungry Like the Wolf Rio 1982-05-10
Hymn For The Preacher Liberty demo 1990
(I'm Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
I Am The Medicine Big Thing demo
I Believe / All I Need to Know All She Wants Is b-side
911 Is a Joke Thank You 1995-04-04
I Don't Want Your Love Big Thing 1988-10-18
I Take the Dice Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
I Wanna Take You Higher Thank You 1995-04-04
I Won't Turn My Back For You Liberty demo
In Between Woman Liberty demo
Interlude One Big Thing 1988-10-18
Is There Something I Should Know? Duran Duran reissue 1983
Jeepster Thank You demo 1995-04-04
Juice Liberty demo 1990
Khanada Careless Memories b-side 1981-04-20
Kiss Goodbye Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Know It All (Reach Up For The) Sunrise b-side 2004-09-27
The Krush Brothers LSD Edit Big Thing 1988-12
Lady Xanax Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Lake Shore Driving Big Thing 1988-10-18
Land Big Thing 1988-10-18
Last Chance on the Stairway Rio 1982-05-10
Last Day on Earth Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Last Man Standing Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Last Night in the City Paper Gods 2015
Late Bar Planet Earth b-side 1981-02-02
Lava Lamp Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Lay Lady Lay Thank You 1995-04-04
Leave A Light On All You Need Is Now 2010
Liberty Liberty 1990-08-13
Like An Angel My Own Way b-side 1981-11-16
Lonely Business Astronaut demo
Lonely In Your Nightmare Rio 1982-05-10
Love Voodoo The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
The Man Who Stole A Leopard All You Need Is Now 2010
Mars Meets Venus Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Matter of Fact The Wedding Album demo
A Matter of Feeling Notorious 1986-11-18
Medazzaland Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Mediterranea All You Need Is Now 2011
Meet El Presidente (Demo: One of the Faithful) Notorious 1986-11-18
Michael You've Got a Lot to Answer For Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Midnight Sun Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Money on Your Side Liberty demo
Mr. Jones The Wedding Album demo
My Antarctica (Demo: Throb) Liberty 1990-08-13
My Family Liberty demo
My Own Way Rio 1982-05-10
The Needle and the Damage Done Perfect Day b-side 1995-03-25
Networker Nation All You Need Is Now 2011
New Moon on Monday Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
New Religion Rio 1982-05-10
Nice Astronaut 2004-10-11
Night Boat Duran Duran 1981
Nite-Runner Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
None of the Above The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Northern Lights Paper Gods 2015
Notorious Notorious 1986-11-18
Of Crime And Passion Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
On Evil Beach Paper Gods 2015
One of the Faithful Notorious demo
One of Those Days Astronaut 2004-10-11
Only in Dreams Paper Gods 2015
Ordinary World The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Other People's Lives All You Need Is Now 2011
Out of My Mind (Demo: Before I Die) Medazzaland 1997-10-14
P.L. You Medazzaland demo
Palomino Big Thing 1988-10-18
Paper Gods Paper Gods 2015
People The Wedding Album demo
Perfect Day Thank You 1995-04-04
Planet Earth Duran Duran 1981
Planet Roaring Paper Gods 2015
Plastic Girl Medazzaland demo
Playing With Uranium Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Point of No Return Astronaut 2004-10-11
Pop Trash Movie Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Pressure Big Thing demo
Pressure Off Paper Gods 2015
Pretty Ones Astronaut demo
Proposition Notorious 1986-11-18
Prototypes Pop Trash bonus track 2000-06-19
Read My Lips (Demo: Second Alibi) Liberty 1990-08-13
Red Carpet Massacre Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
The Reflex Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
Reincarnation 1979 Demo
Return To Now All You Need Is Now 2011
Rio Rio 1982-05-10
Rope Notorious demo
Runway Runaway All You Need Is Now 2010
Safe (In the Heat of the Moment) All You Need Is Now 2010
Salt in the Rainbow Astronaut demo
Save a Prayer Rio 1982-05-10
Second Alibi Liberty demo
Secret Oktober Union of the Snake b-side 1983-10-17
See Me Repeat Me 1979 Demo
Serious (Demo: So Serious) Liberty 1990-08-13
Seven and the Ragged Tiger Seven and the Ragged Tiger demo 1983
The Seventh Stranger Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
Shadows On Your Side Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
She's Too Much Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Shelter (Demo: Shelter of My Heart) The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Shelter of My Heart The Wedding Album demo
Shotgun The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Silent Icy River What Happens Tomorrow b-side 2005-01
Silva Halo Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Sin of the City The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Sinner or Saint (Demo: Trippy Time) Out of My Mind b-side 1997-03-27
Skin Divers Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Skin Trade Notorious 1986-11-18
So Long Suicide (Demo: Can Can) Medazzaland 1997-10-14
So Misled Notorious 1986-11-18
So Serious Liberty demo
Someone Else Not Me Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Sound of Thunder Duran Duran 1981
Starting to Remember Pop Trash 2000-06-19
Still Breathing Astronaut 2004-10-11
Stop Dead The Wedding Album bonus track 1993-02-13
Stop the Violence Liberty demo
Success Thank You 1995-04-04
The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever Pop Trash 2000-06-19
(Reach Up for The) Sunrise Astronaut 2004-10-11
Sunset Garage Paper Gods 2015
Take it to Me Notorious demo
Taste the Summer Astronaut 2004-10-11
Tel Aviv Duran Duran 1981
Tempted Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Thank You Thank You 1995-04-04
This Is How a Road Gets Made Do You Believe in Shame? b-side 1989-04-10
This Lost Weekend All You Need Is Now related release 2011
Throb Liberty bonus track 1990-08-13
Tiger Tiger Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
Time for Temptation The Wedding Album bonus track 1993-02-13
To the Shore Duran Duran 1981
To Whom It May Concern (Demo: People, Mr. Jones) The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Too Bad, You're So Beautiful All You Need Is Now 2011
Too Close to the Sun All You Need Is Now related release 2011
Too Late Marlene Big Thing 1988-10-18
Too Much Information (Demo: Fireflag) The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Tricked Out Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
TV vs. Radio Astronaut demo
UMF The Wedding Album 1993-02-13
Un Autre Que Moi Pop Trash bonus track 2000-06-19
Undergoing Treatment Medazzaland 1997-10-14
Union of the Snake Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983-11-21
The Universe Alone Paper Gods 2015
Valentine Stones Paper Gods 2015
The Valley Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13
Venice Drowning Liberty 1990-08-13
Vertigo (Do the Demolition) (Demo: Vertigo) Notorious 1986-11-18
A View to a Kill A View to a Kill single 1985-05
A View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss) A View to a Kill b-side 1985-05
Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (Demo: Stop the Violence, Live in Lover) Liberty 1990-08-13
Virus Astronaut bonus track 2004-10-11
Voodoo Echo Big Thing demo
Want You More! Astronaut 2004-10-11
Watching the Detectives Thank You 1995-04-04
Water Babies (Demo: Passion Fruit) Serious b-side 1990-10-01
We Need You Skin Trade b-side 1987-02
What are the Chances? Paper Gods 2015
What Happens Tomorrow Astronaut 2004-10-11
White Lines Thank You 1995-04-04
Who Do You Think You Are? Medazzaland 1997-10-14
The Wild Boys Arena 1984
Winter Marches On Notorious 1986-11-18
Working the Steel 1979 Demo
Worth Waiting For Liberty demo
Yo Bad Azizi (Demo: Nuclear War) Liberty bonus track 1990-08-13
You Kill Me With Silence Paper Gods 2015
Zoom In Red Carpet Massacre 2007-11-13