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The Catbirdman Remix Edition
Duran duran the catbirdman remix edition 2
compilation album
Released 2010
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 13 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer Catbirdman
Duran Duran

Duran Duran: The Catbirdman Remix Edition is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation album, released in 2010.

About the album[]

The album is a collection of Duran Duran (1981) album track remixes, created by Chicago based producer Catbirdman (Titus Welliver).

The compilation also includes four non-album track versions, which are songs originally released as related B-sides such as "Fame" from the "Careless Memories" single.

Track listing[]

  1. "Girls on Film" (Catbirdman Version)
  2. "Late Bar" (Catbirdman Version)
  3. "Anyone Out There" (Catbirdman Version)
  4. "Careless Memories" (Catbirdman Version)
  5. "To The Shore" (Catbirdman Version)
  6. "Fame" (Catbirdman Version)
  7. "Planet Earth" (Catbirdman Version)
  8. "Faster Than Light" (Catbirdman Version)
  9. "Sound of Thunder" (Catbirdman Version)
  10. "Khanada" (Catbirdman Version)
  11. "Night Boat" (Catbirdman Version)
  12. "Friends of Mine" (Catbirdman Version)
  13. "Tel Aviv" (Catbirdman Version)


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