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Drum - 20th Anniversary Edition
Drum dvd1Drum dvd2
unofficial documentary
Country Finland Finland FLAG.svg
Catalogue no. DT29758-9
Label DD Fan Club
Format DVD-V (all regions)
+ CDr, RM, Ltd
Length 52 minutes (DVD-V)
Released 2005 (DVD-V + CDr)
2007 (DVD only)
Genre Documentary
Producer various
Simon Le Bon

Drum - 20th Anniversary Edition is an unofficial documentary DVD-V/CDr 2-disc set featuring Simon Le Bon, released by in Finland the DD Fan Club during 2005.

The documentary was re-released in 2007 as a DVD 1-disc edition.

About the DVD-V[]

Narrated by Simon Le Bon and Skip Novak, this is the story of Drum. The DVD-V is a contemporary and dynamic presentation of extraordinary adventure with accompanying music featuring Le Bon and Bronski Beat. The film brings the pressure and excitement of sailing a Maxi yacht through the toughest seas in the world.

In 1985, Drum a 77 foot Maxi yacht was competing in the Fastnet race with crew members Simon Le Bon, plus Duran Duran's managers and Rum Runner nightclub owner Paul and Michael Berrow. During the race the yacht suddenly lost her keel in gale force winds and capsized trapping six crew members inside. Drum was later completely re-fitted in record time, making the start of the Whitbread Round the World Race with just 2 days to spare, against these incredible odds she went onto take 3rd place out of 15 entrants.

Track listing[]


Drum - An Extraordinary Aventure (52 minute documentary)

  1. "Grey Lady of the Sea" - Simon Le Bon
  2. "Why" - Bronski Beat
  3. "Facades" - Philip Glass
  4. "Dream Within a Dream" - Propaganda
  5. "Jewel" - Propaganda
  6. "P.Machinary" - Propaganda

Bonus features:

  1. Drum Calendar
  2. Photo Gallery (images by Rick Tomlinson)
  3. The Last Chanley (by Rudyard Kiplin)