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Drowning On Dry Land
Drowning on dry land john taylor edited
Background information
Directed by Carl Colpaert
Producer Ruth Charny
Co-producer Alison Emilio
Associated producer Rana Joy Glickman
Original music by Richard Horowitz
Editor(s) Annette Davey
Gail Yasunaga
Released 1999
Running time 88 minutes
featuring John Taylor

Drowning On Dry Land is a drama film directed by Carl Colpaert, released by Ardustry Home Entertainment in 1999. The film features John Taylor

About the film[]

The film was premiered at the Flanders Film Festival between 5 and 16 October 1999.

Barbara Hershev stars in the film as Kate Burns, who has just left her husband and been fired from her job. However, although she has cast off the things that she thought were dragging her down, Kate still feels depressed and jumps into a cab on impulse. She gave the driver instructions to take her to the airport, but when they arrive, she tells the man to keep going.

Eventually she and the driver, Darshan, realise that they have similar problems and end up driving across the USA, talking and trying to face their pasts.


  • Barbara Hershey - Kate Burns
  • Naveen Andrews - Darshan
  • Siri Baruc - Paisley
  • Carol Lynley - Cast Member
  • John Doe - Cast Member
  • Stephen Polk - Cast Member
  • John Taylor - Cast Member