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Dream Home Heartaches
tribute album
Released 4 September 1997
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 15 tracks
Label B5 Records
Producer John Taylor
various artists

Dream Home Heartaches...Remaking/Remodeling Roxy Music is a 15-track tribute album produced by John Taylor, released by B5 Records on 4 September 1995.

About the album[]

The album is a tribute to Brian Ferry and his band Roxy Music, featuring their songs performed by various artists. The compilation includes a cover version "Just Another High" by John Taylor, a song originally released on Roxy Music's Siren album in 1975.

Also included is "Angel Eyes" recorded by Three Alarm Fire, a band John Taylor Terroristen toured with during The Baby Steps Tour in 1998. Other acts include Dad's Porno Mag performing "Love Is The Drug" and Feldman, Scabies & Hay covering "Virginia Plain".

The album front cover features Amanda de Cadenet.

Track listing[]


All tracks written by Ferry except tracks 02 & 09 written by Ferry, Manzanera and track 05 written by Ferry, Mackay.

  1. "Pyjamarama" - Theodore (2:27)
  2. "Trash" - Nancy Boy (2:41)
  3. "Love Is The Drug" - Dad's Porno Mag (3:34)
  4. "A Song For Europe" - Dave Gahan (4:39)
  5. "Angel Eyes" - Three Alarm Fire (3:45)
  6. "Just Another High" - John Taylor (6:05)
  7. "Virginia Plain" - Feldman, Scabies, Boston & Hay LLC (2:27)
  8. "To Turn You On" - John Shanks (4:37)
  9. "Out Of The Blue" -  Mavis Piggott (4:29)
  10. "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" - Xan (5:00)
  11. "Street Life" - Phantom (5:41)
  12. "Rain, Rain, Rain" - Boyfriend, Girlfriend (4:17)
  13. "Casanova" -.Deneuve (4:41)
  14. "Remake/Remodel" - Vitamade (2:05)
  15. "More Than This" - Low Pop Suicide (4:34)