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Don't Believe A Word
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cover song by Andy Taylor
Released August 1990
Recorded Summer 1990
Genre Rock
Length 2:21 minutes
Label A&M Records
Writer Phil Lynott
Producer Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor

"Don't Believe A Word" is a cover song by Andy Taylor, released on the album Dangerous by A&M Records in August 1990.

About the song[]

Written by Phil Lynott, the song was a British hit single by Thin Lizzy. It was released from the band's seventh studio album Johnny the Fox, in 1976.

Andy Taylor's version was recorded at the Trident II Studios in London, during the summer of 1990 for his second solo studio album Dangerous.

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Don't believe me if I tell you

Not a word of this is true

Don't believe me if I tell you

Especially if I tell you I'm in love with you

Don't believe me if I tell you

That I wrote this song for you

There just might be some other silly pretty girl

I'm singing to

Don't believe a word

For words are so easily spoken

And your heart is just like that promise

Made to be broken

Don't believe a word

'Cause words can tell lies

And lies are no company

When there's tears in your eyes

Don't believe me if I tell y

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