Disney's Living Seas
Disney's living seas duran duran
Background information
Directed by Ken Enrlich
Presenter John Ritter
Original broadcast date 24 January 1986
Recorded 1986
Original channel NBC
Length 60 minutes
Producer Ken Ehrlich
Executive Producer Gary Smith
featuring Simon Le Bon

Disney's Living Seas is a 60 minute TV special featuring Simon Le Bon, directed by Ken Enrlich and first aired in the USA by the NBC Network on 24 January 1986.

About the showEdit

Combining music and humour, the show was made for the 1986 opening of the new Living Seas Pavilion at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center in Orland, Florida, USA.

John Ritter was the show's host, which included a look at life beneath the seas and exclusive footage of the Titanic wreak on the ocean floor.

During the 60 minute special, Simon Le Bon talked about Drum, and recited the poem "Sea-Fever" by John Masefield. Laura Branigan also performed "If I Were A River".



  • John Ritter (host)
  • Simon Le Bon
  • Laura Branigan
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • Scott Carpenter
  • Dr Robert Ballard


  • Ken Ehrlich - Producer
  • Wenda Fong - Associate producer
  • Gary Smith - Executive producer
  • Original music by Dennis McCarthy
  • Film editing by Mark West
  • Production design by C. David Pina
  • John Rook - Lighting designer
  • Stu Bernstein - Film portions
  • Michael Canter - Production staff
  • Keith Henry - Production assistant
  • Bess Hopper - Production staff
  • Robert Kinney - Production staff
  • Joyce Lupo - Production staff
  • Syngehilde Schweikart - Assistant to producer
  • Jan R. Wirth - Production coordinator
  • Writen by Ken Ehrlich, Buz Kohan, Gary Smith
  • Directed by Ken Enrlich