Directia 5
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Background information
Origin Bucharest, Romania
Genres Pop, rock
Labels Migas Real Compact, Cat Music, Interpretation Inna, MefX, Grasu XXL
Years active 1991-present
Current members Marian Ionescu
Cristi Enache
Marius Keser
Nicu Damalan
Carmin Ionescu
Tony Şeicărescu
Alinka Alina Crisan

Directia 5 are a Romanian band formed in 1991 by Marian Ionescu Dragoş Bădoi (vocals), (bass, piano, composer), Răzvan Mirică (guitar), Vlaicu Giurgea (guitar), Catalin Onoiu (keyboards) and Florin Ionescu (drums).

The band were a support act for Duran Duran in 2006.

Background informationEdit

Shortly after forming in 1991, the band released their debut album The Sea Eagle With Fish in Talons.

In 1992, vocalist Dragoş Bădoi was replaced briefly by Cristian Roman, followed by Toni Şeicărescu. During this period they release Seduction. This album consists of seven songs and the band prformed more concerts.

In 1994, they released the album Leather Shoes and then collaborate with Loredana Groza on "Attitude".

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