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Didn't Anybody Tell You?
unoficial compilation album
Country Unknown Question-mark duran duran wikipedia logo discogs collection
Released Unknown
Recorded 1989-90 (demos)
1991 (live tracks)
Label Unknown Label
Genre Pop
Length 28 tracks
Format 2xCD
Producer Various
Duran Duran

Didn't Anybody Tell You? is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation album, featuring a collection of demo session tracks made for the Liberty album between 1989 and 1990.

The album also includes two live tracks recorded at the UNICEF's Jerusalem for Reconciliation Concert, Royal Albert Hall in London, UK on 28 April 1991.

About the album

The compilation includes various unreleased songs, including "Bottleneck", "In Between Woman", "My Family" (played live in 1989 including the Skanderborg Festival show), "Money on Your Side", "Worth Waiting For" and "Dream Nation".

Also included is "I Won't Turn My Back For You", which is an early version of "First Impression".

The album front cover features photography by Ellen von Unwerth.

Comments from John Taylor:
When John Taylor was asked about the album he said, "I like coming across things that I've forgotten about.That I've forgotten that we recorded. That's what's really exciting about Didn't Anybody Tell You?, because there's so many songs on there that never got finished. They just take me back to that moment. Actually, what I like about that album is that when we were rehearsing and writing the Liberty album, we felt it was gonna be a great album. When we got in the studio I fell apart and the production just wasn't right. It turned out to be a very mediocre album, but at the demo stage, which is what Didn't Anybody Tell You? is all about, I think there's a great album in there. Could have been great songs."

"Ordinary World" (Live) and "Gimme Some Truth" (Live) are from the 1991 UNICEF's Concert in London. The event was organised by Vanessa Redgrave, with proceeds going to the Children of the Middle East. This was the first time "Ordinary World" was performed live.

Track listing

CD 1

  1. "Hothead"
  2. "Serious" (Instrumental)
  3. "Bottleneck"
  4. "Money on Your Side"
  5. "Second Alibi"
  6. "My Antarctica"
  7. "Dream Nation"
  8. "In Between Woman"
  9. "Worth Waiting For"
  10. "My Family"
  11. "I Won't Turn My Back For You"
  12. "Venice Drowning"
  13. "Can You Deal With It?"
  14. "Second Alibi" (Edit)
  15. "Serious"
  16. "Demo Instrumental" ("Liberty" by Patrick O'Hearn, also known as "Firefly")
  17. "Ordinary World" (Live)

CD 2

  1. "Violence Of Summer" (Early 12" Mix)
  2. "My Antarctica"
  3. "First Impression" (Instrumental)
  4. "Downtown"
  5. "Can You Deal With It?"
  6. "My Family" (Instrumental)
  7. "Liberty"
  8. "Hothead"
  9. "Water Babies"
  10. "Venice Drowning" (Instrumental)
  11. "Gimme Some Truth" (Live)


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