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Demo 1992-2001
Duran duran demo 1992 - 2001
compilation album
Released unknown
Recorded 1991-01
Genre Pop
Length 14 tracks
Label unoficial
Producer Duran Duran
reverse cover
Duran duran demo
"Plastic Girl"

Demo 1992-2001 is an unofficial compilation album, featuring a collection of Duran Duran demo recordings.

About the album[]

The collection features recordings made during demo sessions for The Wedding Album, Thank You and Medazzaland. The compilation includes various unreleased songs including "Plastic Girl", a track performed live for the first and only time by Duran Duran during MTV's Most Wanted show on 17 March 1995.

Also featured are several cover versions including Elvis Costello's "Watching the Detectives" and Lou Reed's "Perfect Day", songs recorded for the Thank You album.

Track listing[]

  1. "Ordinary World
  2. "Too Much Information"
  3. "White Lines"
  4. "Perfect Day"
  5. "People"
  6. "Mr. Jones"
  7. "Thank You"
  8. "Midnight Sun"
  9. "Medazzaland"
  10. "Love Voodoo"
  11. "I Believe"
  12. "Crystal Ship"
  13. "Watching the Detectives"
  14. "Plastic Girl"