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Dead On The Money
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promo single by Andy Taylor
B-side "Dead On The Money"
Released 1988
Recorded 1988
Format 12"
Genre Rock
Length 4:03 minutes
Label Capitol
Writer(s) Steve Diamond, Todd Cerney
Producer Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor

"Dead On The Money" is a promotional-only single by Andy Taylor, released from the Tequila Sunrise movie soundtrack in the USA by Capitol in 1988.

The song was also released as a B-side to "Surrender to Me" by Ann Wilson and Robin Zander, a single from the Tequila Sunrise movie soundtrack in 1988.

About the song[]

Performed and produced by Andy Taylor, the song was written by Steve Diamond and Todd Cerney.

"Dead On The Money" follows in the style of Taylor's first solo album Thunder, containing uptempo album oriented rock (AOR).

The track features with Duran Duran's "Do You Believe in Shame?" on the movie soundtrack of Tequila Sunrise, a film starring Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell.

The promo single plays the same track on both sides and was issued in a plain black sleeve, with a custom titled sticker.

Track listing[]

12": Capitol USA SPRO-79463

  1. "Dead On The Money"
  2. "Dead On The Money"

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  • Written by Steve Diamond and Todd Cerney
  • Produced by Andy Taylor


Oh, she looked good

It was just like a dream

I knew I wouldn't sleep tonight

And her eyes shot right through me

Had me holding on for my life

She knew the magic word

She didn't waste no time

She had my number dialed

Like she could read my mind

She was dead on the money

She was perfect for me

She was dead on the money

She was everything I wanted a love to be

Everything I wanted love to be

So we talked

And then she took me home

I was smoking like a cigarette

She asked for one more kiss

And then I knew

I hadn't seen nothing yet

Like every time before

It was a shot in the dark

But when she took the reins

Yeah, she was right on the mark

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