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Daniel Mendez
Background information
Born USA
Occupation Record engineer, producer, writer
Years active 1990s-present
Associated acts Duran Duran
Dashboard Confessional

Daniel Mendez is an American record engineer, producer and writer, whose work has included additional engineering on Duran Duran's Astronaut album.


Daniel has been mixing, engineering, and producing records since 1995. He has worked freelance for various studios as an engineer and producer on recordings by artists such as Dashboard Confessional, Bob Schneider, Lit, Heart, Duran Duran, Trapt, Meg & Dia, and Almost Famous.

A selection of credits[]

  • The Missing Truths - Trey Duck (1997 Mixing)
  • Beso Espanol - Beso Espanol (1997 Mixing)
  • Zeroed Out - The Cunninghams (1997 Assistant Engineer)
  • Whirlygig - Lovemongers (1998 Engineer)
  • Sweet to Be Strange - Day I Fell Down (1998 Assistant Engineer)
  • Out of the Night - Dado Moroni (1999 Assistant Engineer)
  • If the Moon Could Sing - Krazy Lyin' (1999 Mixing)
  • A Place In The Sun - Lit (1999 Engineer, Editing)
  • Ghost of Time - Nick Vigarino (2000 Engineer)
  • Fourteen Days - Laura Love (2000 Engineer)
  • Inside Job - Don Henley (2000 Assistant Engineer)
  • Perfect Change - Dakona (2003 Producer, Engineer)
  • Astronaut - Duran Duran (2004 Engineer, Digital Editing)