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Dan Parry
Background information
Born UK
Occupation Recording, mix engineer
Years active 2000s-present
Associated acts Soul II Soul
Duran Duran
Lady Gaga

Dan Parry is a British recording and mix engineer, whose work has included Duran Duran's All You Need Is Now album.


Whilst studying for his BTEC National Diploma, Dan landed a job working for Soul II Soul Studios in Camden Town at the age of 18. After finishing his course and two and a half years commitment to Soul II Soul, he moved to Metropolis in 2004 and came up through the ranks from assistant, senior assistant to engineer. His technical knowledge and instant understanding of what the engineer is trying to achieve have made Dan an invaluable assistant, not only for the studio but also for double Grammy award winning mix engineer Tom Elmhirst, who Dan works with on a regular basis.

Dan continues to flourish as one of Metropolis's senior assistant engineers and is currently engineering on sessions with a wide range of established artists and producers. Recent projects have included mixes for Mark Ronson, Lauren Pritchard and The Alumni (Canada).

A selection of credits[]

  • Lady Gaga (Rec Eng)
  • Rihanna (Rec Eng)
  • Amy Winehouse (Rec Eng)
  • Cheryl Cole (Rec Eng)
  • Annie Lennox (Rec Eng)
  • Sean Garrett (Rec Eng)
  • Jasmine Sullivan (Rec Eng)
  • Adele (Rec Eng)
  • Jack Penate (Rec Eng)
  • Sugababes (Rec Eng)
  • Amy Winehouse (Mix Assistant)
  • Mark Ronson (Mix Assistant)
  • Daniel Merriweather (Mix Assistant / Add Eng)
  • James Morrison (Mix Assistant)
  • Basement Jaxx (Mix Assistant)
  • Kings Of Leon (Ass Eng)
  • Little Boots (Ass Eng)
  • Franz Ferdinand (Ass Eng)
  • Duran Duran (Rec Eng / Mix Eng)