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Daily Bacon: 20 January 2011
Daily bacon bbc radio 5 duran duran 1
radio show
Presenter Richard Bacon
First broadcast 20 January 2011
Broadcast time 2pm-4pm
Genre Interview
Length 120 minutes
Editor Robin Ellis
featuring Simon Le Bon

Daily Bacon: 20 January 2011 is a radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 5 which featured a 60-minute interview with Simon Le Bon.

About the show[]

Broadcast each weekday between 2pm and 4pm, the show features a broad variety of guests from the fields of news, sport and entertainment. The show also included comedian Sarah Millican joining Richard and the team for 'Help!'

Bacon began his interview with Simon Le Bon by talking about All You Need Is Now, with Le Bon commenting that it was a return to a more identifiable Duran Duran style than their last album Red Carpet Massacre, which was more urban. He added that Mark Ronson had clear ideas of what he wanted to achieve, using the spirit and experimentation of the band from the 80s.

The interview continued with Le Bon describing how he met Ronson when he was a youth; a 10-year-old, to be precise. The singer was wandering around Soho in New York and Ronson's mother approached him, introducing herself, her new husband, Mick Jones of rock band Foreigner, and young son Mark. "He's a bit of a fan," she whispered to Le Bon, "can he have an autograph?".

After "Ordinary World" was played, Le Bon said it was one of the best songs the band had written, and another personal favorite was "Secret Oktober".

The interview covered Live Aid and a bad vocal performed at the end of "A View To A Kill", which Le Bon blamed on his rehearsal for six hours a day for five straight days. He also described the excitement when Duran Duran were told they were doing the theme song for the Bond movie A View To A Kill and how he came up with the lyric "meeting you with a view to a kill", which formed the basis of the song, within moments.

"Girl Panic!" was played and Le Bon said the song had been around for about two years. It was originally called "Home Wrecker", "Bone Wrecker", "Brain Wrecker", "Tall Hours", and "Ice Breaker", until he read something about Carl Sagan and called the track "Pale Blue Planet". Mark Ronson later said the song should be about sex, and the following day, Nick Rhodes appeared with new lyrics.

Bacon asked Le Bon if it was true that he picked Yasmin from a fashion magazine. Le Bon replied "I was doing a photo shoot with Mike Owen and looked through his portfolio of covers. 'Who is this person and can you get me in contact?' Owen replied that it was unprofessional, but the following day, he slipped me a piece of paper."

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