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Background information
Origin Birmingham, UK
Genre New Wave, Disco
Years active 1978
Known members Mark Wilson
John Taylor
David Twist
John Brocklesby
Associated acts Duran Duran
Shock Treatment

Dada was a British New Wave band from Birmingham, which featured John Taylor.


After playing a handful of gigs with Shock Treatment during 1977 and 1978, John Taylor and David Twist met Mark Wilson, a DJ on the scene in Birmingham, who asked them both to join the band in which he sang and played guitar - Dada.

John Taylor wrote in his autobiography In the Pleasure Groove that Dada was a much more inventive musical concoction than Shock Treatment, which morphed into the Assassins after he and David Twist left.

The line-up also included boutique owner John Brocklesby playing a pink Vox bass. Roxy Music fan Marcus played Styophone, mounted on an ironing board, and David Twist switched from vocals to drums.

The Dada songbook opened with "Toyroom", Mark Wilson's paean to the joys of childhood, sung over a disco beat. The chords were DA/DA and it was seven minutes long. It was not intented to be mainstream music.

The band went to the Crown on Hill Street, Birmingham and asked them if they could have the use of the upstairs room on Tuesdays. So in May of 1978 Dada began a residency there.

That summer, John Taylor enrolled at the Birmingham Polytechnic's College of Art and Design for a twelve-month foundation course, where he met Stephen Duffy. Dada had hit a wall and Taylor now wanted to play in a band with Duffy.


Dada are:

  • Mark Wilson - vocals, guitar
  • John Taylor - guitar
  • John Brocklesby - bass
  • Marcus - styophone
  • David Twist - drums