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D Generation
D Generation loud duran duran
album by Loud
Released 1990
Recorded 1990
Genre Rock
Length 10 tracks
Label China Records
Producer(s) Jaz Coleman
J. Martin Rex
reverse cover
D Generation loud duran duran duran
"Explosive" (remix by Andy Taylor)

D Generation is the debut album by British rock band Loud, released by China Records in 1990. The album features a remix by Andy Taylor.

About the album[]

The album is by a band founded in 1989 by guitarist Chris McLaughlin, following his stint in New Model Army. The record was co-produced by Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke and J. Martin Rex.

The band subsequently played some live dates in late 1990 as support act to Andy Taylor, who remixed the track "Explosive" featured on the album.

Track listing[]

847 168-1[]

Side one[]

  1. "D Generation"
  2. "Song For The Lonely"
  3. "I Am The Idol"
  4. "Childhood Times"
  5. "Explosive"

Side two[]

  1. "Black Hysteria"
  2. "God Give Me Words"
  3. "Infatuation"
  4. "Massacre"
  5. "Life on Earth"


Loud are:

  • Chris McLaughlin - Vocals, guitar
  • Colin Clarkson - Guitar
  • Martin Hawthorn - Bass
  • Ricky Howard - Drums


  • Produced by Jaz Coleman, J. Martin Rex
  • "Explosive" remixed by Andy Taylor
  • Written by Chris McLaughlin
  • Artwork (design) by - Kenny A Laurenson
  • Photography by Peter Anderson