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The Best of U.S. Remixes Vol. One
Duran duran DMC Presents The Best Of U.S. Remixes Volume 1
compilation album
Released 1994
Recorded various
Genre Electronic, Dance, Pop
Length 8 tracks
Label DMC
Producer various
reverse cover
Duran duran - DMC Presents The Best Of U.S. Remixes Volume 1 a
"Save A Prayer" (Steve Anderson Mix)

DMC Presents The Best of U.S. Remixes Vol. One is a 8-track compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in the USA by DMC during 1994.

About the album[]

The album is a DJ product only, containing dance mixes created by the DMC (Disco Mix Club) DJ remix service. The CD could only be purchased by registered DJs and includes the "Save A Prayer" (Steve Anderson Mix), originally released on the DMC: Remix Culture 4/92 12" vinyl single in 1992.

The compilation also features Junior Vasquez, who created a remix of Duran Duran's "White Lines" in 1995.

Track listing[]

dmcdus 1[]

  1. "Here Comes The Rain Again" (Brothers In Rhythm Mix) - Eurythmics (8:49) remix by Brothers In Rhythm
  2. "I Want You" (Junior Vasquez Mix) - Juliet Roberts (10:17) remix by Junior Vasquez
  3. "100% Pure Love" (Danny Tenaglia Mix) - Crystal Waters (7:55) remix by Danny Tenaglia
  4. "Rebel Song" (Paul Dakeyne Production) - Dakeyne (6:25)
  5. "In My House" (David Morales Production) - DJ Dexter (6:29)
  6. "Do You Wanna Get Funky?" (Junior Vasquez Mix) - C&C Music Factory (9:39) Remix by Junior Vasquez
  7. "Save A Prayer" (Steve Anderson Mix) - Duran Duran (7:17) remix by Steve Anderson
  8. "Planet Rock" (Greed Mix) - Soul Sonic Force (5:19) remix by Greed