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DJ Remixes: 3
Duran duran dj remixes 3
compilation album
Released unknown
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 9 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
"Electric Barbarella" (Internet Only Mix)
Duran Duran

DJ Remixes: 3 is an unofficial compilation album, featuring a collection of Duran Duran remixes created by various DJ services.

About the album[]

The album features many commercially unreleased tracks.

The compilation includes "Duran Duran The Mix", a track created by U.X.B. (who are Les Hemstock and Rob Ahlin). This recording is also available on the Music Factory - Mastermix album.

Also included is the "Electric Barbarella (Internet Only Mix), the first song to be legally available as a download.

The album cover photography was taken from the Nick Egan directed "White Lines" video, released in January 1995.

Track listing[]

  1. "The Reflex" (Reflexion Mix)
  2. "Duran Duran Megamix" (DJ Ativan)
  3. "All She Wants Is" (Latino Dub)
  4. "Duran Duran The Mix" (Mix Factory 1989)
  5. "Late Bar" (Blue Silver Mix)
  6. "Girls on Film" (Edge Mix)
  7. "Electric Barbarella" (Internet Only Mix)
  8. "Wild Mix" (Part 1)
  9. "Wild Mix" (Part 2)