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Cryptic Voice
Cryptic voice arcadia duran duran editedCrypticcutcdarg02
unofficial compilation album
Country Argentina Argentina-flag
Catalogue no. NSR1 677-2
Label GD Records
Format CD, RM, Ltd
Length 12 tracks
Released 2008
Genre Pop
Producer various

Cryptic Voice is an unofficial Arcadia remastered limited edition compilation album, released in Argentina by GD Records during 2008.

About the album[]

The album is a collection of Arcadia mixes, recorded during the 1980s. The compilation includes two versions of the rare non-album track "Say The Word", a song written for the Playing For Keeps movie soundtrack.

These mixes originally featured on the single releases and are also available on Arcadia - The Singles Box Set. The final two tracks "Keep Me in the Dark" (Rough Mix) and "The Flame" (Rough Mix) are totally unreleased before.

The CD was released as a picture disc and housed in a stickered digi-pack containing an inner sleeve with information plus lyrics.

Track listing[]

NSR1 677-2[]

  1. "Election Day" (The Consensus Mix) - 8:32
  2. "Election Day" (Cryptic Cut No Voice) - 8:27
  3. "The Promise" (Extended Remix) - 7:05
  4. "Rose Arcana" (Extended) - 5:30
  5. "Goodbye Is Forever" (Extended Remix) - 6:44
  6. "Goodbye Is Forever" (Dub Mix) - 5:14
  7. "The Flame" (UK Extended Remix) - 7:12
  8. "Election Day" (Early Rough Mix) - 8:50
  9. "Say The Word" (Vocals Extended Remix) - 6:31
  10. "Say The Word" (Instrumental Extended Remix) - 5:38
  11. "Keep Me in the Dark" (Rough Mix) - 4:18
  12. "The Flame" (Rough Mix) - 4:19


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