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Code Case: Death Penalty
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episode information
Directed by Sean Zakrzeski
Starring Kathryn Morris
Danny Pino
John Finn
Written by Sean Whitesell
Genre Police procedural
Broadcast date 16 April 2006
Running time 60 minutes
Producer(s) Jerry Bruckheimer
Jonathan Littman
featuring music by Duran Duran

Cold Case: Death Penalty - Final Appeal is episode 20 from season 3 of the American TV show Cold Case, directed by Sean Zakrzeski and first aired on the 16 April 2006 in the USA. The episode includes "Come Undone" by Duran Duran.

About the episode[]

The episode is from the American police procedural TV series Cold Case, which premiered on 23 September 2003 on CBS. The series revolves around a fictionalised Philadelphia Police Department in Pennsylvania that specialises in investigating cold cases.

Each episode of Cold Case follows a formula that begins with a flashback scene that establishes the year, sometimes the actual date in which the crime took place, as well as a set of characters in a seemingly mundane situation. These flashbacks feature a different style of direction, whether it be the colors, lighting, shading, or camera angles.

The episode's plot features a 1994 case involving a raped and murdered 16-year-old girl which is re-opened when Det. Jeffries gets a call from a prisoner on death-row, who is scheduled to be executed in just three days.


  • Kathryn Morris - Lilly Rush
  • Danny Pino - Scotty Valens
  • John Finn - John Stillman
  • Jeremy Ratchford - Nick Vera
  • Thom Barry - Will Jeffries
  • Tracie - Thoms - Kat Miller
  • Eddie Bowz - Terry Mike Lange 1994/206
  • Thomas Calabro - Ada William Danner
  • Michael Cavalieri - Joey Norman
  • Chihye Chung - Barbie Yen
  • Cameron Goodman - Kate Lange 1994
  • Landall Goolsby - Clerk
  • Stacy Hall - Guard
  • Michael Jace - Andre Tibbs 1994/2006
  • Weston Nathanson - Warden
  • Dean Norris - Wayne Nelson 1994/2006
  • Samantha Quan - Barbie Yen
  • Lori Rom - Faith