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Clunie Reid
Background information
Born 1971
Pembury (UK)
Occupation Artist
Years active 1990s-present
Associated acts Duran Duran

Clunie Reid is a British artist, whose work has included designs for Duran Duran's All You Need Is Now album.


Born in Pembury near Tunbridge Well, Kent in 1971, Clunie is now based in London and studied painting at the Royal College of Art where she gained a MA in 1995. Her designs include creating aggressive and rampant photo-collages of tabloid stars picked from the pages of Hello! and Heat, that question the media they are created from. When Clunie was asked to name the single most important item in her studio, she said "my scissors". Reid's work involves re-appropriating glossy images from the media, like punk artists Jamie Reid and Linder did in the 1970s. The artist uses deliberately cheap material, gaffer-taping her collages to the wall and emphasising the act of composition rather than the final product. In one group of works Reid takes photographs of her studio floor; in others airbrushed images of beautiful women are broken into fragments, scribbled over and adorned with slogans that resound with irony.

Duran Duran chose Clunie to create the cover artwork for All You Need Is Now after Nick Rhodes discovered her work at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

A selection of Clunie Reid's work[]