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Club Duran
compilation album
Released 2009
Recorded 1981-07
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 30 minutes
Label Mechanism Podcast
Producer various
Duran Duran

Club Duran is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation album, released as a podcast download by Mechanism Podcast in 2009.

About the album[]

The album contains a 30 minute compilation of Duran Duran songs, featuring purely dancefloor tracks.

The original song release dates range from 1981 with "Planet Earth, to the 2007 "Nite-Runner". Included are many rare remixes such as the Hear Me Now House Mix of "Planet Earth".

Track listing[]

  1. "All She Wants Is" - 2006 Blaster Project Electronic Mix
  2. "Nite-Runner" - Team9's Morning Walk Mix
  3. "Falling Down" - Sébastien Léger Radio Mix
  4. "Save A Prayer" - Dave Mathias White Label Mix
  5. "The Reflex" - Come As You Are Mix
  6. "Sunrise" - Tribal Mix
  7. "The Wild Boys" - Reckless Mix
  8. "Planet Earth" - Hear Me Now House Mix
  9. "Ghosts on Film" - Deadmau5 Vs Duran Bootleg
  10. "What Happens Tomorrow" - Peter Rauhofer Mixshow Edit
  11. "Save A Prayer" - Mastermix Dance Club