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Cherry Lipstick
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Background information
Founded July 1990
Nottingham, UK
Founder Geronimo
Genre Interviews, information, photos
Issued 6 times a year
Number of pages 36-80
Date of last issue 1994 (Volume 1)
2001 (Volume 2)

2017 (Vol 3 started)

2021 (Vol 4 starts)

Website www.cherrylipstick.co.uk/

Cherry Lipstick was a Duran Duran fanzine, founded in the UK by Geronimo during July 1990.

About the fanzine[]


The fanzine was originally meant to be a one-off birthday present for the founder's brother. It was exam time and as a way of delaying revision, Geronimo photocopied pictures, typed up several articles about Duran Duran and called it Duranzine. Then, the day before his birthday the decision was made to give the magazine a name, eventually chosen from lyrics in "Girls on Film".

Issue two was later produced in December 1990, followed by the third during July 1991. It was at this stage that the fanzine founder felt Cherry Lipstick could 'go public'. Over the following year plans were hatched for this to happen, which weren't until February 1993. Before that, CL:4 had been produced, the final trial issue before 'going public'.

There were 100-copies printed of the first 'published' Cherry Lipstick. With the price set at £1.30, the idea was to sell them at concerts and to advertise in Q magazine. This meant selling 70 copies was the target, to break even. Sales were disappointing until the August 1993 issue of Q, which included a four-page article on Duran Duran and featured an advert for Cherry Lipstick.

In the final issue (until 1997) published in 1994, Geronimo wrote that Cherry Lipstick was finishing because they were going to Poland to teach. Also published was a 'roll of honour', featuring the names of regular contributors to the fanzine.

On return from Poland the fanzine restarted in 1997 more successful than ever continuing until 2001. One regular reader said "It changed my life, but was not as good as horny pony."

In April 2017 Cherry Lipstick relaunched via its website www.cherrylipstick.co.uk/

In February 2021, Cherry Lipstick will publish 'In Discord and Rhyme - Unseen Duran Duran 1981' to celebrate the 40yth anniversary of Planet Earth. It features the photos of Justin Thomas (Kings of the Dark Moon).

The Cherry Lipstick roll of honour[]

  • Founder - Geronimo
  • Inspiration - J.R. Kiss
  • Ruth Aspinal
  • K. Allman
  • Richard Aird

    page example: 1994

  • David Aitkenhead
  • Dror Bason
  • Simon Butler
  • Paul Bisset
  • Matthew Bartlett
  • Tracey Brunt
  • Tracee Burnett
  • Jennifer Clark Blackburn
  • Rhonda Corcoran
  • Canace Crane
  • Derek-Miller Carr
  • Joanne Collins
  • Verity Currie
  • John Cutcher
  • Ann-Claire Deal
  • D.M. Dennis
  • Jackie Dent
  • Jonathon Ebbs
  • Claudia Foakes
  • Rokos Frangos
  • Anna Fitzpatrick
  • Claire Fowler
  • Ruth Fox
  • Caroline Guerra
  • Denise Goodwin
  • Laura Ann Hughes
  • Paula Hindley
  • Esther Habrakan
  • Emma Holloway
  • Mandy Jones
  • Corrina Klink
  • Howard Knight
  • Andrew Lawrence
  • Dawn and Jenny
  • Russell Langley
  • Karl Maskell
  • Marisa McLoughlin
  • Rachel McCrory
  • Rebecca Makonnen
  • Monique Melle
  • Mark Mayes
  • Whitney Meyer
  • Michelle Morabito
  • Malinda McCall
  • Christina Moore
  • Martina Neri
  • Tom Ogden
  • Caroline O'Connell
  • Jaan Pill
  • Anna Perks
  • Jonathon Payne
  • Jayne Pateman
  • Stephen Pattinson
  • Kerry Poynter
  • Keith Robinson
  • KJ Rhodes
  • David Simmons
  • Paul Stubbs
  • Mike Smith
  • James Smith
  • Julie Anne Smith
  • Magnus Geir Thordarson
  • Steven Wilson
  • Jonah Wilson
  • Dawn Wickenden
  • Charlene Whitford
  • Diane Walker
  • Manon Wortel
  • Elena Zurru