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Capitol Records
CapitolRecords Logo
Background information
Parent company EMI
Founded 1942
Founder(s) Johnny Mercer
Buddy DeSylva
Distributor(s) Self-distributed (In the US)
Capitol Music Group (Outside the US)
Genre various
Country of origin USA
Location Hollywood, California
Record Label

Capitol Records is a major United States-based record label, owned by EMI. Capitol/EMI was Duran Duran's label from 1980 to 1999.

The Capitol Records company was founded in 1942, and was the first West Coast label. By 1946, Capitol was established as one of the Big Six record labels, and by the mid-1950s, Capitol had become a huge company, concentrating on popular music. In 1955, the English record company EMI acquired Capitol Records and soon afterward, EMI built a new studio and office building at Hollywood and Vine to match its state-of-the-art Abbey Road Studios in London.

In 2007, EMI announced a merger of Virgin Records and Capitol Records into the Capitol Music Group. They have sold the Capitol Tower in Hollywood, and closed Capitol's operations in Los Angeles to concentrate its work force in New York City.

Capitol and Duran Duran[]

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Duran Duran became part of the Capitol lineup when they signed with EMI in December 1980.

The poor sound quality of Duran Duran's May 1982 release Rio (on Capitol subsidiary Harvest), contributed to the lag in initial sales. Rio was remixed for the American market by David Kershenbaum and reissued to much greater success in November 1982.

Capitol was also home to Duran Duran side projects Arcadia and Power Station; some releases were issued on the subsidiary label Parlophone.

Duran Duran left the label in 1999 after the poor performance of the album Medazzaland.

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