Canal Magdalena
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Background information
Origin Valparaiso, Chile
Genres Alternative rock, Pop, BritPop
Years active 1995-2008
Past members Christian Arroyo
Gonzalo Herrera
Baeza Giova
Daniel Pimentel
Kamal Lues
Kamal Lues
Yigal Glisser
Max Glisser

Canal Magdalena were a Chilean pop rock band formed in 1995, originally from Valparaiso consisting of Cristián Arroyo (bass and vocals) and Max Yigal Glisser (guitar), Gonzalo Herrera (keyboards) and Kamal Lues (drums).

The band were a support act for Duran Duran in 2008.

Background informationEdit

The band made their debut in December 1995 in Valparaiso and quickly incorporated the Santiago circuit, sharing the stage with local bands and others from the international scene.

In March 2000, Max Glisser announced that for personal reasons he would leave the group. Thus the group became a quartet. During the month of June, Canal Magdalena was invited to participate on the album Tribute to the Prisoners, recording a cover version of "Mentality" which sold 15,000 copies.

In December 2001, Canal Magdalena won the APES Award, the highest honor awarded by the Chilean press as best album of the year.

In August 2003, Kamal Lues and Yigal Glisser left the band and were replaced by Christian Arroyo, Gonzalo Herrera and Giova Baeza. They then started to record their third album, Mead.

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