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song by Warren Cuccurullo
Released Unreleased
Recorded 2004
Genre Pop
Length 1 track
Label Unreleased
Writer(s) Warren Cuccurullo, Nick Rhodes, Mayko Cuccurullo
Producer(s) DoUBLEyOuSEe
TV Mania
Warren Cuccurullo

"Camouflage" is a song by Warren Cuccurullo, recorded during N'Liten Up demo sessions in 2004.

About the song[]

Co-written by Nick Rhodes, the song wasn't included on the final version of N'Liten Up released in 2015.

"Camouflage" includes Portuguese lyrics by Mayko Cuccurullo, Warren's adopted son who featured in Duran Duran's "Breath After Breath" video. He also contributed vocals to the "Medazzaland" song.

The lyrics were all English until Mayko entered the studios, which were recorded in the summer of 2004 at the Village Studios in North Hollywood, USA.

The track producers include DoUBLEyOuSEe (aka Warren Cuccurullo) and Simone Sello, an American musician/producer who also performed on Playing In Tongues.


peeling back the layers till there ain't no camouflage
eu quero ver (what?) o que voce tem ai dentro
eu quero ter (what?) todo o seu pensamento
eu quero ver (what?) o que voce tem ai dentro
eu quero ter (what?) todo seu centimento
can you hear me when i call out your name
& can you see me (yeah) do you think i look the same
don't hold back, take the chance
you must know, there's no denying
all through the night i lie & wait for you
can't stand the silence, wake me with breaking news
it's in your eyes, so dedicate me to your cause
there's no need to hide away your shadows in the darkness
come to me i'll set you free & show you who you are
underneath the surface we'll discover all the answers
i'm peeling back the layers till there ain't no camouflage
i can see right through your camouflage, your camouflage
(repeat intro)
please forgive me, because i can't decide
don't be surprised now, i can still change my mind
but i want you, you want me
don't let go, 'cause i'm scared of falling
when lightning strikes, i'll know that sign's from you
so break the ice now, keep telling me what i've got to do
& guide me through, hear what i say tonight
so come with me, so come with me, come with me