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Bratislava: 15 October 2006
Bratislava duran duran
unofficial live album
Venue Incheba Expo Arena, Bratislava
Slovakia Si-lgflag
Recorded 15 October 2006
Released 2006
Label Unknown Label
Format 2xCD
Length 21 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
reverse sleeve
1 Recorded live at Expo Arena, Bratislava, Slovakia, October 15th, 2006. duran duran wikipedia romanduran artwork 1
Ticket 15 oct 06 brat 200
PA140013 bratislava 15 10
Incheba Expo Arena Exhibition Centre Bratislava wikipedia duran duran show
Incheba Expo Arena Exhibition Centre Bratislavia wikipedia duran duran

Bratislava: 15 October 2006 is an unofficial Duran Duran live album, recorded during The Astronaut Tour at the Incheba Expo Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia on 15 October 2006.

About the album[]

The album is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at the Incheba Expo Arena, 6,000 capacity venue located near the Danube river. This was Duran Duran first ever show in Slovakia.

Supported by huge video screens, Duran Duran appeared on stage for their first ever concert in Slovakia, after an intro recording of "Burning the Ground". Wearing a black jacket, Simon Le Bon took center stage and then the band launched into "Hungry Like the Wolf".

Soon the synth beats of "Planet Earth" reverberated around the arena, Duran Duran's debut single.

During the show, Le bon encouraged the audience to sing the opening sequence to "The Reflex", before the song was interrupted by a power failure.

The evening finished with a strong performance of "Rio".

Duran Duran would return to Bratislava during The All You Need Is Now Tour, in February 2012.

Track listing[]

CD 1[]

  1. "Burning the Ground"
  2. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  3. "Planet Earth"
  4. "Serious"
  5. "Union of the Snake"
  6. "Come Undone"
  7. "What Happens Tomorrow"
  8. "Hold Back the Rain"
  9. "Some Like It Hot" / "My Own Way"
  10. "The Reflex"
  11. "The Chauffeur"
  12. "Ordinary World"

CD 2[]

  1. "Save A Prayer"
  2. "A View to a Kill"
  3. "Notorious"
  4. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
  5. "Electric Barbarella"
  6. "Careless Memories"
  7. "The Wild Boys"
  8. "Girls on Film"
  9. "Rio"


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