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Blue Flame
Blue flame film
background information
Director Cassian Elwes
Starring Kerri Green
Charley Hayward
Jad Mager
Released 1993
Genre Sci-fi drama
Editor John Lafferty
Producer Stephan Bataillard
featuring music by John Taylor

Blue Flame is a science fiction drama starring Kerri Green, directed by Cassian Elwes and released in 1993. The film features the instrumental "Blue Flame", composed by John Taylor.

About the film[]

The plot of the film is set in the future, when felons are held in captivity and imprisoned by means of suspended animation.

When two devious villains named Fire and Rain escape their mental shackles, they begin to unleash their own advanced mind-controlling capabilities on society. Detective Fleming (Brian Wimmer) is hot on their trail, only to have them turn the tables and kidnap his young daughter. After his daughter vanishes, disheartened father Flemming attempts to locate the alien couple he believes has kidnapped her. But he also longs to reconcile with his estranged wife, whom he still loves.

The film also features Amanda de Cadenet.


  • Kerri Green - Rain
  • Brain Wimmer - Flemming
  • Charley Hayward - Turner
  • Jad Mager - Fire
  • Joel Brooks - Morgan
  • Cecilia Peck - Jessie
  • David Carrera - Surgeon
  • Joe Fiacho - Corpse
  • BJ Davis - Burn
  • Elizabeth Hayden - Spikey Hair
  • Michael Karp - Bouncer
  • Melissa Behr - Jack
  • Lynette Howe - Stripper
  • Neil Kinsella - Barkeep
  • Lauren Taylor - Hooker #1
  • Amanda de Cadenet - Hooker #2
  • Bari K. Willerford - Alice
  • Ed Bates - Shootist