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Blame The BBC
album by Hungover Stuntmen
Released 5 May 2008
Recorded 2007
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 11 tracks
Label One Bounce-Peeble Beach-Pinnacle
Producer Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor related

Blame The BBC is the debut album by British band Hungover Stuntmen, produced by Andy Taylor and released by One Bounce-Peeble Beach-Pinnacle on 5 May 2008.

About the album[]

The album includes the single "Inside Out", with all the tracks produced and mixed by Andy Taylor at his Ibiza Studios between June-July 2007. The song "Ballad Of The Hungover Stuntman" includes the words 'Blame The BBC', which gave the album its title. The four band members originated from Newcastle, and the music from this album was for a period regularly played at the Newcastle United football ground.

Andy Taylor commented "I have a feeling that these lads will break out of the north east and make a big impact. I think Newcastle's ready to really give something to music and these four very talented young men should be right at the head of it. They've got confidence verging on arrogance, and it's for a reason. They can play, sing; I've even seen them dance and for sure they put on one hell of a show".

Track listing[]


  1. "Lost And Found"
  2. "A Certain Disguise"
  3. "She Knows"
  4. "Inside Out"
  5. "All Eyes On You"
  6. "Ballad Of The Hungover Stuntman"
  7. "Love Is Suicide"
  8. "Move"
  9. "Fighting Talk"
  10. "United States Of Emergency"
  11. "One Reason"


  • James Haselhurst - Guitar, vocals
  • Iain Anderson - Bass, vocals
  • Stu Ridley - Guitar, vocals
  • Craig Oxberry - Drums, vocals