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Big Stress
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song by Warren Cuccurullo
Released 8 December 2015
Recorded 2004
Genre Pop
Length 1 track
Label Download
Writer(s) Warren Cuccurullo, Nick Rhodes
Producer(s) DoUBLEyOuSEe
TV Mania
Warren Cuccurullo

"Big Stress" is a song by Warren Cuccurullo, released on his album N'Liten Up on 8 December 2015.

About the song[]

The song was co-written by Nick Rhodes for N'Liten Up, a concept album which is more of a show that tells a story with different characters.

The producers include DoUBLEyOuSEe (aka Warren Cuccurullo) and Simone Sello, an American musician/producer who also performed on Playing In Tongues.

"Big Stress" also features in the movie soundtrack of Open Cam, released in 2005.

Other appearances[]






but i know that i'm not freakin'

why, am i still searchin' for that piece they hide
because i've got to find the peace inside
and so, sometimes i think about it now & then
since they've been goin' through my trash again
trying to break into my dreams now
can you tell me what this means
battery acid leakin' but i know that i'm not freakin'
i need a little daylight

all i got is big stress
trying to pull me down
over & over again
all i got is big stress
they're trying to calm me down
o no o no they can't

will they come tell me all the things i need to know
i mean we've got to re-design this show
and now you know it's gonna be a great success
i've got an hour till the cream goes sour

i'm tryin' to make the clouds look right now
change the patterns in my life
vicious circles everywhere
the colors they don't match no more
coz i'm writing on the walls

but i know that i'm not freakin'
big stress