Biddie & Eve
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Background information
Origin London, UK
Genres Cabaret, New Romantic
Years active 1980s
Past members James (Biddie) Biddlecombe
Eve Ferret

Biddie & Eve were a British Cabaret and New Romantic duo, active in the 1980s.

The duo were a support act for Duran Duran in 1981.

Background informationEdit

Biddie & Eve are best known for their highly popular three year residency at Blitz in Covent Garden, London, one of the first venues from which evolved the New Romantic scene in the 80s.

Biddie started singing solo at Blitz, then a quiet Covent Garden bar, with pianist Richard Jones (the opera director). Along came Eve Ferret. and 'Biddie & Eve' were born. With their band, 'Smashing Time' they pulled in a highly diverse 'up-for-it' party crowd. A typical Biddie & Eve audience would include the likes of Souxsie Sue, the Sex Pistols, Tim Rice, Janet Street Porter and Sandy Shaw.

Blitz soon became the mecca for the New Romantics while Biddie & Eve moved on to tour the country appearing with many bands, such as Theatre of Hate and Blancmange.

Biddie & Eve ascended to Light-Entertainment when they appeared on television shows in the UK such as Game for a Laugh, Rising Stars and White Light.

For the for eight years that Biddie & Eve were together they provided 'the best cabaret in London'.

Additional notes:
Above, Biddie & Eve are pictured on the cover of New Sounds New Styles, a style magazine launched in 1981 with editor Kasper de Graaf. The magazine was designed by Malcolm Garrett of Assorted Images,

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