Bei Incubi
The Vinyl Factory Chelsea in London exhibition Bei Incubi Beautiful Nightmares nick rhodes tv mania wikipedia duran duran.jpg
Exhibition by Nick Rhodes
Venue The Vinyl Factory, Chelsea
London, UK Union-jack2.jpg
Date(s) 7 March - 8 April 2013
Format Exhibition
Original work by Nick Rhodes
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Bei Incubi is an exhibition of photographs by Nick Rhodes, held at The Vinyl Factory, 91 Walton Street in London, UK from 7 March to 8 April 2013.

About the exhibition[edit | edit source]

This is an exhibition to celebrate the launch of TV Mania's album Bored with Prozac and The Internet?, with former Duran Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo.

Featuring a collection of original photographic works, Bei Incubi translates from Italian to English as 'Beautiful Nightmares'. The collection includes twenty Polaroids, and more than thirty original photographs and prints, all taken and signed by Nick Rhodes. The works are available for viewing before going on sale to the general public.

Bei Incubi was inspired by TV Mania's conceptual album Bored with Prozac and The Internet?, that Rhodes collaborated on with Warren Cuccurullo, released a few days after the launch of the exhibition on 11 March.

Explaining the creative concept behind Bei Incubi, Nick Rhodes said; “The photographs are all of the same girl, but she is a complete chameleon and thus takes on entirely different guises throughout the show. The shoot was initially planned to create album art for the forthcoming TV Mania release, that is based on a fictional, futuristic, dysfunctional family, living out their lives under the microscopic lens of a reality TV show.

Within this construct the daughter is obsessed with becoming famous at any cost, so when we were planning the cover shoot, she was the ideal subject upon which to base the session. As the day unfolded, I realised that I had created a broad spectrum of images that somehow worked together as a series, hence the idea of doing an exhibition was born.”

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