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Behind The Music: Remastered
Duran duran behind the music remastered 2010
episode information
Directed by Martin R. Smith
Produced by Martin R. Smith
Genre Music documentary
Broadcast cast 20 November 2010 (9pm)
Channel VH-1 Classics
Running time 60 minutes
Duran Duran

Behind The Music: Remastered Duran Duran is episode 6 from season 1 of the Remastered series, first aired on VH-1 Classics on 20 November 2010.

About the episode[]

The episode is an updated version of Behind The Music: Duran Duran, which first aired on 4 April 1999 and was part of a series that ran from 1997 to 2006. Each show focused on a musician or musical group, documenting both the success of the musicians and the problems they faced during their careers.

Narrated by Jim Forbes the 1 hour episode includes Russell Mulcahy, Paul and Michael Berrow, Denis O'Regan, Yasmin Le Bon, Wendy Laister and Mark Ronson. Over 11 years after the original programme first aired, Remastered documents the departure of Warren Cuccurullo and the reunion of the five original band members from their first show together for 18 years at Osaka Jo Hall, 7 July 2003.

The Duran Duran story continued with the 2007 Diana Tribute, the Broadway shows and the importance of meeting Mark Ronson, featuring footage from the Experience Paris concert. The final few minutes covered the band's 13th studio album All You Need Is Now, which included an interview with Nick Rhodes and the single "All You Need Is Now".


Original version:

  • Executive Producer - Gay Rosenthal
  • Producer / Director - Michael McNamara
  • Supervising Producer - Paul Barrosse
  • Editors - Mark Stepp, Michael McNamara
  • Co-ordinating Producer - John Berkson
  • Associated Producer - Jennifer Orme
  • Post Production Supervisor - Mark Sadlek
  • Production Manager - Jill Modabber
  • Unit Manager - Jill Fox
  • Production Coordinator - Angela Solis
  • Post Production Coordinator - Jim Martin
  • Production Assistants - Tami Katzoff, Steve Ramsey, Mike Rinaldi

Remastered version:

  • Coordinating Producer - Jay Morgan
  • Production Manager - Rachel Roca
  • Executive Producers - Lee Rolontz, Rick Krim, Ben Zurier
  • Narrator - Jim Forbes
  • Assistant Editor - Kyle Smart
  • Camera - John Simmons, Adam Vardy,
  • Camera Assistant - Sean Fox
  • Sound - Joe Maggio