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Beautiful Clothes
Bored With Prozac And The Internet Tape Modern – 887845614148 tv mania album wikipedia duran duran.jpeg
song by TV Mania
Released 11 March 2013
Recorded 1990s
Genre Electronic, Experimental, Rhythmic Noise
Length 4:47 minutes
Label Tape Modern-The Vinyl Factory
Written by Nick Rhodes
Warren Cuccurullo
Producer(s) TV Mania
Anthony J. Resta
Mark Tinley
TV Mania

"Beautiful Clothes" is a song by TV Mania, released on the Bored with Prozac and The Internet? album by Tape Modern-The Vinyl Factory on 11 March 2013.

About the song[]

The song begins with the repeated phrase "the banality of life", which is quite prophetic for something recorded in 1996, given that most reality TV shows would go on to focus on just that.

TV Mania envisaged a family who allowed themselves to be filmed and studied by scientists. The song is part of a conceptual soundtrack for what the duo imagined as that "bizarre TV cyber soap opera."

The mother of this cyber soap opera was hooked on pharmaceutical pills and spent most of her time daydreaming in front of a computer, watching people in uniforms. The father was a religious extremist who didn’t see anything wrong with his family at all and just ignored everything they said. The son was addicted to video games, barely left his room and became very proficient with hacking. And the daughter just wanted to be famous - at any cost.

Hence, for the daughter, "Beautiful Clothes" and "I Wanna Make Films". For the father TV Mania ended up with "What About God?" For the mother they chose "Euphoria".

Featuring quasi-industrial distorted guitars sounds, the song was constructed by blending television samples and looping rhythm tracks. "Beautiful Clothes" is available as various remixes, including a version by MNDR.

Other versions[]

  • "Beautiful Clothes" (Nick Rhodes/Glitter Glam Mix) - 5:11
  • "Beautiful Clothes" (Peter Wade/MNDR Remix) - 4:34
  • "Beautiful Clothes" (The New Sins Remix) - 5:43
  • "Beautiful Clothes" (Nick Rhodes/Glitter Glam Mix - 7" Edit) - 3:48
  • "Beautiful Clothes" (Eric Hart And Warren Cuccurullo Remix) - 5:16

Song credits[]