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Be For Be Bop
Do it red ronnie
single by Do It!
Released 1990
Recorded 1990
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 4 tracks
Label Irma CasaDiPrimordine
Producer Umbi Damiani
featuring Simon Le Bon & John Taylor

"Be For Be Bop" is a single by Do It! featuring members of Duran Duran, released by Irma CasaDiPrimordine in 1990.

About the song[]

The song is by Italian duo Ciro Pagano and Stefano Mazzavillani, with Italian TV presenter Red Ronnie. The record is the title melody of an Italian TV show called Be Bop A Lula, which Red Ronnie was host.

The track "Be For Be Bop (Human Beat)" features recordings of many musical artists, including David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Simon Le Bon, John Taylor and Stevie Wonder.

Track listing[]

ICP 013[]

Side A[]
  1. "Be For Be Bop (Don't Dream It Mix)" (7:05)
Side B[]
  1. "Be For Be Bop (TV Tone)" (3:34)
  2. "Be For Be Bop (Human Beat)" (2:17)
  3. "Be For Be Bop (Ambient)" (3:34)

"Be For Be Bop (Human Beat)" features:[]