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Background information
Location 41 Cumberland Street, Birmingham, UK Union-jack2.jpg
Type Nightclub
Genre Rock, Punk Rock, New Romantic
Opened Start of the 1970s
Demolished 2000
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Barbarella's was a nightclub, located in the centre of Birmingham, UK at 41 Cumberland Street.


The venue was opened at the start of the 1970s by Edward Fewtrell, a Birmingham nightclub pioneer who also owned the Bermuda Club in Navigation Street. Other clubs Fewtrell owned include the Cedar Club off Constitution Hill (a venue Duran Duran played in 1980), Rebecca’s in John Bright Street and later Abigail’s and Edward’s.

The nightclub was located at 41 Cumberland Street in Birmingham, which is just off Broad Street where the Rum Runner nightclub was situated.

Barbarella's took its name from the 1968 Barbarella film. The club was played by many acts including AC/DC, The Ramones and the Sex Pistols featuring guitarist Steve Jones.

Duran Duran also performed at the venue in 1979, taking their name from the character of Doctor Durand Durand in the Barbarella movie.

Roger Taylor wrote in The Reunion Tour programme that he met John and Nick in '79. "I had seen Duran Duran play at a Birmingham club called Barbarella's supporting 'the next big band' called Fashion. "Incredibly I got a call a few weeks later from then front man Andy Wickett, saying he was now singing with Duran and they needed a drummer".

In 2002/03 The Devils released Dark Circles. The album features the track "Barbarellas", written about the club and the duo's first band.

A selection of past events[]

  • 1 June 1979 - Duran Duran
  • 7 January 1979 - The Incredible Kidda Band
  • 30 November 1978 - Japan
  • 25 November 1978 - Stadium Dogs
  • 17 November 1978 - The Skids
  • 15 November 1978 - Pure Hell
  • 4 July 1978 - Dire Straits
  • 9 October 1977 - Misspent Youth
  • 24 May 1977 - The Ramones
  • 3 May 1977 - The Clash
  • 14 August 1976 - Sex Pistols
  • 31 July 1976 - AC/DC