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Roger Day Show
Bbc radio sussex roger day duran duran
radio show
Presenter Roger Day
First broadcast February 9, 2011
Broadcast time 7:00pm-10:00pm
Radio station BBC Sussex
Genre Interview, Music
Length 180 minutes
featuring Nick Rhodes

BBC Sussex: February 9, 2011 is a UK radio station that broadcast an evening show presented by Roger Day, featuring an 18-minute interview with Nick Rhodes.

About the show[]

Broadcast from Brighton six days a week between 7:00pm and 10:00pm in the English county of Sussex, the Roger Day show features a broad variety of guests from the fields of news, sport and entertainment.

The interview with Nick Rhodes began with a discussion about All You Need Is Now, with Rhodes saying producer Mark Ronson had a great vision of what he wanted to do on the album. He added that Ronson was a fan of Duran Duran since he was a kid and wanted to reflect the sound of their first couple of albums, using dance beats mixed with a rock guitar at the beginning of the recording sessions.

The All You Need Is Now Tour was covered. Rhodes said it was going to have a slightly different format and feature a few surprises.

After "All You Need Is Now" was played, Day mentioned the 1970s, Birmingham's Rum Runner nightclub and the city's former retail shop Reddington Records. Rhodes commented that the 70s was blessed with a lot of different types of music, beginning with glam rock and continuing with progressive rock, rock, disco, funk, electronic and punk. Rhodes described how John Taylor and himself took early demos to record labels in London and were told to come back when they had some more work. They went on to play clubs around Birmingham, such as the Hosteria, and they later toured with Blondie in 1982.