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B5 Records
Background information
Origins USA
Founders John Taylor
Hein Hoven
Year of formation 1999
Associated acts Three Alarm Fire
John Taylor
Record Label

B5 Records was an independent record label founded by John Taylor and Hein Hoven.


In 1996 John Taylor co-founded the independent record label B5 Records in California (USA), with producer Hein Hoven. B5 Records originally recorded from Hoven's Lake Hollywood home but eventually built a state of the art studio in Santa Monica dubbed 'B5 by the Sea'. The label had a cutting-edge website created by Kapil Mathur which featured a virtual journey through the B5 studios, and which allowed visitors to "interact" with Taylor and Hoven using mobile avatars in a virtual environment. The logo was designed by Patty Palazzo.

At B5 Taylor sang, played guitar and bass on his first solo album, Feelings Are Good And Other Lies, working with collaborator Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. The home-grown album was marketed by mail order, and sold via the internet.

John Taylor also recorded other material on B5 Records, such as the EP Autodidact and the tribute album Dream Home Heartaches....Remaking/Remodeling Roxy Music featuring Roxy Music covers by Taylor and many other local Los Angeles artists including Three Alarm Fire. The label also produced the album Sub Acid Sweet Songs for Three Alarm Fire, before Hein Hoven decided to leave the company. After that the B5 Records company and the much-simplified website were renamed Trust The Process, and focused on promoting Taylor's solo work rather than developing other acts.