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August Moon
compilation album
Released unknown
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Interview
Length 13 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
Duran Duran

August Moon is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation album, released in 1991.

About the album[]

The album is a collection of Duran Duran recordings from around the world, performed at various shows between 1982 and 1991.

The compilation includes two recordings from Italian TV in Modena, featuring performances of "Notorious" and "American Science". The album also includes a cover version of Lulu's song "Shout", sung by Simon Le Bon, plus a recording of a speach he made at a convention during 1991.

Track listing[]

  1. "Rio" (rehearsal 82)
  2. K.R.O.Q. Simon & Nick interview 1984
  3. London Calling 1984
  4. Simon sing "Happy Birthday" 1985
  5. "Shout" (Simon cover song 1985)
  6. Living Seas 1985
  7. K.R.O.Q. Simon & Nick 1987
  8. K.R.O.Q. Hit Line USA - Simon, Nick, John 1987 (part 1)
  9. K.R.O.Q. Hit Line USA - USA Simon, Nick, John 1987 (part 2)
  10. Notorious" (live from TV in Modena Italy 1987)
  11. "American Science" (live from TV in Modena Italy 1987)
  12. Simon´s convention speak 1991
  13. Simon sings "The Wild Boys" on radio 1998