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Arena: The Catbirdman Edition
Arena duran duran the catbirdman remix edition 1
unofficial compilation album
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Released 2010
Label Catbirdman
Genre Pop
Length 14 tracks
Format CD
Producer Various
Duran Duran

Arena: The Catbirdman Remix Edition is an unofficial Duran Duran album, featuring a collection of Arena live album track mixes created by Chicago based producer Catbirdman.

About the album[]

The album features all nine live tracks originally released on Arena, but is missing "The Wild Boys"; the only studio recording on Arena.

There are also additional recordings of "The Reflex", "Girls on Film", "Rio", "Tiger Tiger" and "Cracks in the Pavement".

Track listing[]

  1. "Tiger Tiger" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  2. "Is There Something I Should Know?" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  3. "Hungry Like The Wolf" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  4. "The Reflex" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  5. "Union of the Snake" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  6. "New Religion" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  7. "Save A Prayer" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  8. "The Seventh Stranger" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  9. "The Chauffeur" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  10. "Cracks in the Pavement" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  11. "Rio" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  12. "Planet Earth" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  13. "Careless Memories" (Catbirdman Arena Version)
  14. "Girls on Film" (Catbirdman Arena Version)


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