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Antony Price (born 1946) is a London fashion designer who is best known for glamorous evening wear and suits, and for the iconic seventies cap sleeve t-shirt (covering the shoulder, but not descending below the underarm). Price provided styling for Duran Duran in the 1980s, and a number of musical performers, including The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and Steve Strange, but is best known for his close working relationship with Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, whose "look" was defined by Price's designs.

Price was the stylist for Roxy Music's first eight albums, and dressed the model Gayla Mitchell for the classic back album cover for Lou Reed's Transformer. He worked under the labels Stirling Cooper and Che Guevara before launching his own label in 1979.

In London, he had a shop named "Antony Price" in South Molton Street and "Plaza" and "Ebony" on King's Road. Ebony was very popular with Duran Duran in the 1980s (and is rumoured to be one of the places where they bought their drugs). The band wore colorful Price silk suits in the "Rio" video and on the sleeve photo for the Rio album, as well as many other promotional photos from the era.

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