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Anna Ross is a vocalist, who has toured with musical artists including Sting and Duran Duran.


Anna's mother first noticed her daughter’s talent when she began singing piano melodies back to her as she played. A prodigy in the making, Miss Ross started performing in the school assembly by singing hymn solos. Realising that her range reached outside the primary set, Miss Ross began singing with a jazz-fusion band called Sea Food Jive when she was 16 years old. She then joined up with V Corporation, making her professional debut on the UK TV programme The Tube.

Having toured with Stereophonics, Tina Turner, Tom Jones and Sting, Anna made her Broadway debut during Duran Duran's The Red Carpet Massacre Tour contributing on songs which included "Come Undone" "Ordinary World" and "The Reflex". She was recommended to Duran Duran by a mutual friend, songwriter Gerry De Veuxalso and has also toured with the band during the previous Astronaut Tour in 2005 and 2006.

Duran Duran related comments by Anna Ross:

I wanted Live Earth London to be my favorite Duran show as I was in favour of the idea of bringing attention to climate crisis and renewable energy alternatives. Instead this gig made me the most nervous because of a ‘technical glitch’. I had nothing else but Dom Brown’s guitar which usually I love, screaming down my ears for the whole performance. The Concert for Diana was amazing. I loved the focus on celebrating a person’s life and their achievements and commitments. Also I did get to party that night, and I introduced myself to Prince William.