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The Expensive Rejects
Andy taylor and the expensive rejects
compilation album
Released 9 January 2009
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 16 tracks
Label iTunes download
Producer various
Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor and the Expensive Rejects is an Andy Taylor compilation album, released as an iTunes download on 9 January 2009.

About the album[]

This is a collection of Andy Taylor remastered and unreleased solo tracks.

The compilation includes both the single edit and the rare full length "extended" version of "When The Rain Comes Down", a song originally released on the Miami Vice 2: Soundtrack in 1986. The song featured in the Miami Vice episode called Stone's War.

Other tracks include "Wings of Love" and three mixes of "Take It Easy", both songs from the long deleted American Anthem soundtrack.

All the above mentioned songs feature guitarist Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols, with ex-Missing Persons member Terry Bozzio on drums. Another ex-Missing Persons bandmate, Patrick O'Hearn, handled bass in the video for "When The Rain Comes Down" and then contributed in the studio to all the tracks pulled from Taylor's first solo album Thunder.

There is also a cover version of Mack Rice's 1965 song "Mustang Sally", a track originally issued on Taylor's second solo album, Dangerous.

Track listing[]

  1. "Don't Believe A Word" - remastered (2:15)
  2. "Be Good To Yourself" - remastered (2:47)
  3. "Sleeping With The Past" - unreleased (3:18)
  4. "Who You Foolin Jimi-boy" - unreleased (3:58)
  5. "Space Station No. 5" - remastered (4:08)
  6. "I Might Lie" - remastered (4:58)
  7. "Lightning" - unreleased (4:40)
  8. "Wings of Love" - unreleased (4:58)
  9. "Don't Let Me Die Young" - remastered (4:24)
  10. "Mustang Sally" - remastered (4:11)
  11. "French Guitar" - remastered (4:01)
  12. "Take It Easy" - remastered (4:20)
  13. "Take It Easy" - Extended Mix re-issue (5:43)
  14. "Take It Easy" - Rox Vox Mix re-issue (4:17)
  15. "When The Rain Comes Down" - remastered (4:55)
  16. "When The Rain Comes Down" - Extended Mix re-issue (4:55)