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American Science
song by Duran Duran
Released 1986
Genre Pop
Length 4:43 minutes
Label Capitol, EMI
Writer(s) Duran Duran
Producer(s) Duran Duran
Nile Rodgers
Duran Duran

"American Science" is a song by Duran Duran, released on the album Notorious by Capitol-EMI in 1986.

About the song[]

The song was written by Duran Duran, who also co-produced the track with Nile Rodgers.

The track was remixed and released on a double promo 12" pack called Master Mixes in the US and Hong Kong during June 1987. Rumour has it the remixes were commissioned for a possible fourth single from the Notorious album, which was going to be either "Vertigo" or "American Science", but this release was shelved as the singles for "Skin Trade" and "Meet El Presidente" didn't do so well in the charts.

B-sides, bonus tracks and remixes[]

  1. "American Science" (Chemical Reaction Mix) - 7:51
  2. "American Science" (Meltdown Dub) - 7:33

Track listing[]

2x12": Masterdisk / VB-15320-1/2 (US)

  1. "American Science" (Chemical Reaction Mix) - 7:51
  2. "Vertigo (Do The Demolition)" (Mantronix Mix) - 6:35
  3. "Skin Trade" (Parisian Mix) - 8:10
  4. "American Science" (Meltdown Dub) - 7:33
  5. "Vertigo (Do the Demolition)" (B-Boy Mix) - 6:07
  6. "Notoriousaurus Rex" (Master Mix) - 8:15

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Duran Duran are:


It's a little bit late now,
but there's times you will
Get a little bit out of hand,
making all of a spill.
And if we can lay this down,
you're going all the way.
Take a look and I'll check it out,
'cause I can always find it.

Such a lonely place. Ooh.
This room without your face. Ooh.

Ooh. American Science.
All night long she can two-step and sway.
Ooh, it's such awful manners.
Don't keep me waiting, come and lie beside me.

A little megalomania becomes you, evidently.
There ain't a thing you can acquire
with your cling-wrap plaything.
Just look at this state.
I crawl around in a daze,
like a symptomatic case
of your soul persuasion.

Such a lonely place. Ooh.
This room without your face. Ooh.


Ooh, it's a little bit later now,
And there's time you will
Let it all get out of hand
When you feel you feel.
I just switched on the operation.

Such a lovely face. Ooh.
It pulls me into place. Ooh.

CHORUS (Repeat for FADE) 

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