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American Anthem
American anthem poster
Background information
Directed by Albert Magnoli
Produced by Doug Chapin
Written by Evan Archerd
Jeff Benjamin
Susan Williams
Music by Alan Silvestra
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date 27 June 1986
featuring music by Andy Taylor

American Athem is a 1986 film featuring music by Andy Taylor, produced by Columbia Pictures and Lorimar Productions.

About the film[]

The film was directed by Albert Magnoli, and starred Mitch Gaylord and Janet Jones. The subject of the film was a football player turned gymnast that was seeking to join the United States Olympic gymnastics team. It is notable in that Mitch Gaylord was a member of the Gold-medal U.S. Men's gymnastics team at the 1984 Summer Olympics.


  • Mitchell Gaylord - Steve Tevere
  • Tiny Wells - Jake
  • Janet Jones - Julie Lloyd
  • Michael Pataki - Coach Soranhoff
  • Patrice Donnelly - Danielle
  • John Aprea - Mr. Tevere
  • Michael Philips - Linda Tevere
  • Katherine Gosney - Landlady
  • Stacy Maloney - Kirk Baker
  • Peter Tramm - Ron Denver
  • Maria Anz - Becky Cameron
  • Jenny Ester - Tracy Prescott
  • Andrea Biachi - Arthur
  • Dick McGarvin - Announcer


The American Anthem (soundtrack) is a 13-track compilation album featuring John Parr, INXS and Andy Taylor.

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